Here in this section you will find all important information about our CC+ license, which are based on the standard Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA plus the SLA license. For more information please read the detailpages in the side/submenu.

In our wikipages you will find also info about how you can create your own topo, therefore we offer templates, tutorials and a fantastic Vector-Graphic-Tool, which is one of the best out there, open-source, and our basic tool. This means you have to use it if you like to release your own topo in the .svg format at, because we need a standard and a tool wich can be used by everyone without costs and runs on all systems, and Inkscape™ can do all this for us. Inkscape™ is available for Linux, Windows®, and Apple® PCs.

Inkscape™ is a independent open-source project and have nothing todo with our project, neither we are involved in any way at the Inkscape™ project.